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Yoga is all about caring for ourselves, our community and the world we live in. We are working to incorporate the yoga concept of Ahimsa, or non-harming, into every aspect of Adore Yoga, finding practical ways to care for the global community. Here are some of the ways we are practicing Ahmisa.


The Raise Foundation

Our teachers donate their time to teach participants in the Bump workshops for young mums and to provide classes for the mentors at the foundation.
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Rainforest Rescue


Part of the profits from our Daintree Rainforest Retreat is donated to Rainforest Rescue to support the habitat of the Daintree’s most spectacular and endangered creature, the magnificent cassowary.
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Bumi Sehat


Participants in our Bali Yoga Retreats help to support the important work of Bumi Sehat, a not for profit organization based in Ubud that supports new mothers, babies and midwives in Bali and beyond.
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