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Yoga routine for cancer surviviors

Yoga for Cancer Survivors Yoga for Cancer Survivors (2215 KB)

Five minute yoga practice

12 minute yoga practice

Yoga for Winter E-Book

Learn yoga poses, tips and warming recipes guaranteed to keep you vibrant and healthy all Winter long! Download now.

Winter Yoga 2016 Winter Yoga 2016 (541 KB)


Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness is a way of becoming present to each and every thought, feeling and experience in your life. Practicing this simple exercise regularly will make it much easier for you to accept the realities of your every day life. Facing reality each and every day helps us banish the regret, worry and wishful thinking that makes us miserable. I think that’s worth a few minutes each morning!

5 Minute Mindfulness

A short, regular practice is a LOT more effective than doing a long, intense practice once once or twice a week. It only takes five minutes to recalibrate your internal settings, short-circuiting the busy whirl of 'autopilot' to bring you back to a more balanced and centred place. Do this 5 minute mindfulness practice every day - even twice a day if you can (tip: set your phone alarm to ring twice a day, then stop and do this practice!)

5 Minute Mindfulness 5 Minute Mindfulness (3911 KB)

Relaxing Meditation for Kids MP3

Download our free relaxing MP3 meditation for kids and enjoy it at bedtime or any time when they (and you!) need to unwind and relax. In this special winter-themed meditation, your children will imagine themselves as snowmen, slowly warming and relaxing as the sun melts away all the tension in their bodies. 100% tested and loved by my own children (ages 4 and 7yrs)! Download now for free!

Yoga Nidra MP3

Download and enjoy your Yoga Nidra relaxation now. Yoga Nidra is a very special relaxation technique that relieves tension, anxiety and fatigue. Click on our Yoga Nidra MP3 and you'll be guided through a series of simple relaxation techniques that will move you into a state of 'deep, conscious sleep.'