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Are you caught up in a frenzy of new year’s resolutions? Everyone I speak to seems determined to make 2015 the year that they change their diet/ write that book/ make that trip of a lifetime. Goals are great, but rushing into the future can be part of the problem as well as the solution.


When yogis talk about 'being present', that does NOT mean sitting still and pretending the future isn't coming. Being present means understanding how you feel, and what you are doing, in the here and now. This gives you valuable insight into what to do next. Too often we simply react to old scripts, stories in our heads about how things ‘should’ be. 

Instead, take the time to sit with the truth of the present moment. Listen very carefully and you’ll receive guidance on how to move forward in a way that is productive and satisfying.

A short mindfulness practice will do the trick – if you think you don’t have time, try our free 3 min Mindfulness Meditation every day for a week could be just the thing. Click HERE to begin…..

Nikola Ellis is the founder of Adore Yoga, yoga therapist, counsellor and teacher trainer. She's passionate about inspiring yoga teachers and the wider community to create healing, joy and purpose. Join her for Yoga Therapy Teacher Training and Yoga retreats in 2015.Got a question about yoga or ayurveda? Ask Nikola here. 


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