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Healing yoga therapy and meditation for everyone

Welcome to Adore Yoga. You'll love it here if you are a yoga or health professional looking for resources to support your clients' wellbeing. 

We’re here to help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to use yoga and meditation as a tool for healing. And now is the best time to learn - therapeutic yoga is taking off in a big way!

  • There’s a growing evidence base for yoga therapy as a complementary therapy
  • Public and private hospitals throughout Australia are hiring yoga therapists
  • Hundreds of our graduates support their students to heal every day using the yoga and meditation skills they learned with Adore Yoga

We take yoga seriously (but we still know how to have fun!)

Since Adore Yoga was founded in 2002, we’ve seen yoga evolve from a niche practice for spiritual seekers to a full-blown fitness craze. From draughty church halls to multi-million dollar state of the art studios, yoga has come a long way. But something new is emerging from the barrage of over-priced yoga pants and novelty ‘fusion’ classes.

Fascinated by its transformational potential, researchers have been studying the benefits of yoga on people with a wide range of health issues, from anxiety to cancer. And the results are conclusive. Yoga and meditation can help people heal. 

These studies have inspired the emergence of a new modality - yoga therapy. Yoga therapy takes yoga back to it’s authentic roots, while incorporating insights from modern medicine. That’s what we do at Adore Yoga. Teach people to use the timeless tools of authentic yoga to help people heal in a safe, evidence based way.

The Adore Yoga story

Adore Yoga started on the lower north shore of Sydney. Founded by Nikola Ellis, a qualified psychotherapist with a background in public health, the original studio - an apartment above a pharmacy in Mosman -  could only accommodate six students, so things started off small!

But as Adore Yoga grew and moved to larger premises, it became clear that size WAS everything. Bigger classes didn’t offer better results. In fact, students came to Adore simply because the small class size meant personal attention. Students with injuries, pain and health issues made their way to Adore, often after discovering that other yoga centres couldn’t meet their needs. So we kept things small.

As a certified yoga therapist, Nikola developed programs that helped students at the studio to manage their health issues, carefully crafting practices that directly addressed their individual challenges. Each student received the practice they needed when they walked into the studio, whether it was help with a frozen shoulder or support to manage depression.

Soon, doctors, psychologists, hospitals, charities and other health organisations began asking Nikola to develop programs for their clients. As these programs flourished, Nikola saw the need to train more people to offer yoga therapy to clients in hospitals, clinics and community settings. 

These trainings became Adore Yoga’s core offerings - accredited professional courses in yoga therapy and meditation facilitation. Today, yoga teachers and health professions come to learn how to use the ancient wisdom of yoga to solve the very modern problems faced by their clients. 

How Adore Yoga will help you help more people

Our professional training courses (online and in-person) help yoga teachers and other health professionals to safely use the tools of yoga and meditation to help clients improve their health and wellbeing. 

You’ll find a wealth of resources and inspiration in our blog, including free meditation recordings, videos of yoga practices, class templates and research showing the benefits of therapeutic yoga for managing health physical, psychological and emotional health issues.

Ready to take the first step? Take our free Introduction to Yoga Therapy e-course and find out if yoga therapy is the right path for you.